Workshops och privatlektioner i Kinbaku

Are you interested in learning more about Kinbaku? Get in touch with an e-mail to book workshops and private tuition, adapted to your level of experience and personal interests:

I teach regularly in different formats:

* ROPE STUDY-GROUPS. Typically five couples meet for seven consecutive Sundays, four hours each time, with a curriculum with a four-fold focus: (1) Personal, (2) Relational, (3) Technical, and (4) Historical.

* ONE YEAR STUDY-GROUP. Five couples twice a month for a full year – one full day with new material, and one evening for a re-cap.

* WORKSHOPS. Typically four or six hours long. Sometimes at our studio, sometimes travelling. I typically offer at least one workshop each semester entitled ”BEGINNERS MIND”. Once a year, I offer a longer course that include an INTRODUCTION TO SUSPENSION PLAY.

* KINBAKU SALON. A series of historical presentations of the pioneers of Kinbaku, based on material presented on my blog Kinbaku Books, but also on unpublished materials. I sometimes travel with these lectures as well. I have now done more than 25 lectures.

* ROPE PRACTICE. Evenings at Studio Kokoro offering a space to practice under my supervision.

* OPEN BAMBOO-JAMS. Open jams at Studio Kokoro. We have six bamboos to suspend from, thus the name.


In addition to years of extended travelling to take lessons with some of the world’s finest rope-teachers, I am studying the Japanese tradition of rope-bondage based on a large collection of Kinbaku-materials (some presented on the blog Kinbaku Books). I have a background in martial arts and contact improvisation, but also a long academic history of teaching, supervising and of teacher-training. Enjoying switch dynamics, I am interested in a double perspective, both from the tying-role and in the role of being tied (see also some of the feedback from earlier students: Voices).

Together with sansblague I have organized and taught a number of ”non-rigger-centric” workshops in Stockholm, and also at EURIX in Berlin, at Shibaricamp outside Göteborg, on Kinbaku Weekend and the Shibari Festival in Helsinki, at London Festival of Rope Art and multiple times at Stockholm Shibari Weekend. During Spring 2016 we gave a number of workshops at the International Rope Weekend in Utrecht. During Summer 2016, we visited Japan for private lessons, but also to do some research for a larger project about Kinbaku. We came home with 30 hours of recorded interviews with some 13 key figures in different fields of Kinbaku-culture.

The venue:
Kokoro Rope Studio in Stockholm is run by Bergborg and Sansblague.
Features: Wooden floor with heating. 55 sqm. 12 hardpoints. Bamboos. A rich collection of historical Kinbaku-materials (some presented on the blog KinbakuBooks). Kitchen and bathroom. Easy access, also with wheelchair. 15 minutes from the Central Station. Premium Jute-rope for sale. Regular rope-study groups every weekend. Workshops and private tuition.